Maulang Malupitang Masahe

It was a rainy Friday night when my friend and I decided to visit Hoja de Laurel. Malamig, kailangan ng pampainit. I’ve been there several times and I must admit that the feeling of excitement was kinda intense, maybe because my body needed extreme care due to an exhausting work week. Kailangan ng isang malupitang massage, ika nga.

Like before, we were welcomed with a warm smile and a calming ambience of the spa. We were immediately guided to our room and asked to change clothes. Afterwards we were ushered to the sauna room and steam bath. We stayed there for 10 minutes each room.

After about 20 minutes, nangangatog na ako sa excitement. They gave me their own version of a Turkish bath, and Hoja de Laurel didn’t disappoint me. The therapist was so gentle and caring as his hands caressed and cleansed my body. The body scrub he used was so fragrant. What I loved about the bath was the foam on my body. It seemed like there was a gigantic cotton candy on top of me. I am telling you, readers, the bath itself is something to look forward to. Feeling Cleopatra! Hahaha!

And after the refreshing bath, it was time for the best part – the massage. My body longed for a good panlalamas, and Richard, my therapist, was so professional and so good at what he does. His hagod were gentle and yet it penetrated every fiber of my tired muscles. He stretched my limbs by spreading my legs (ayyy!) and my arms and I felt so relaxed and free for some reason. During that moment, it was just my body and his hands having an intimate massage session. Parang nakatigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo kasi yung hagod talaga dadalhin ka sa ibang dimension. I know that my body enjoyed the session and I was satisfied. Guys, professional si Richard ah, and he treated me with utmost respect and care. Yes, he respected my body. Char! Hahahaha! Para akong nakaramdam ng matinding pagmamahal by just allowing his soft palms and hard presses to touch my exhausted body. The massage rejuvenated my tired body and replenished me with new and fresh energy. Hahaha!

After the pagligo and the massage, ang sarap lang matulog. Sobrang relaxing! I encourage you to visit their spa sa Quezon Ave and you can avail their signature massage that is inclusive of 1.5 hours massage, with steam bath or sauna bath, Turkish bath, and an invigorating body scrub. Sayang at hindi na sila nagtitinda ng body scrub, it was really good. You can contact them at 09167819774 or 09179117821.

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