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Thanks to the boys of Bay Leaf Spa for providing a titillating and super-daring sensual massage demo at the Love Yourself Hub last Sunday! Everyone was dumbfounded with the demo!

The 3 cutest guys in the pic above are Joko, Louie, and Ivan. Hihihi.

For inquiries about Bay Leaf Spa’s services (including their famous “Signature Massage” or “Sigma”) please call (02) 624-9716, 0917-844-0488. For home/hotel service, call 0915-420-8752.

UP NEXT at the Love Yourself Hub (Malate, Manila): “Massage for Pleasure” — learn the art of sensual massage, featuring live massage demonstration by masseurs of Bay Leaf Spa. Sunday, July 29, 2012, 6 PM, donation of P200 will be used for the upkeep of the venue and in support of the Love Yourself Project.

For priority slots, register at

I’ve always wondered why it feels so good to be massaged by another man.

Is there some quick and rational explanation for this?

Perhaps it’s because that touch means more than just relaxation for my tired muscles — maybe it signifies some relief from the stress of hiding who I really am?

When I strip and lie down on the massage bed, does it not signify my willingness — no, my fervent desire — to be just one naked truth? While there, don’t I really feel that hunger for validation? That I am indeed here, and more importantly, worthy to be here?

When I moan in ecstasy for every touch of my male masseur, is it really about the sensual pleasure? Or perhaps, it is more about the joy of allowing myself to be held, abandoning for even just that moment, my carapace of toughness, exposing in effect my vulnerability, and therefore my sensitivity?

When, after the deed, as the masseur finishes off with a slight bow of gratitude, I smile a secret but infinite smile, does it not really come from that deep satisfaction of opening myself up to the truth most choose not to have the honor to experience, because they are afraid, locked up, and denying the very core of who they really are?

I suspended the previous thread on this same topic due to conversations that have gone unruly and out of control. I wanna try bringing it back and see if people would share instead of bicker around. Let’s try this out. Any recommended places for massage in Metro Manila? Suggested therapists?


One December evening, I went to Revivir Spa, a quaint little massage place tucked in one of the narrow alleys perpendicular to Tomas Morato in Quezon City. I was there once before, I even wrote about it here although did not mention it was in Revivir. (That Star Masseur has since moved on from that place; last I heard, he’s busy managing his barbecue joint somewhere in the cool hillsides of Antipolo.) That December night, I had an agenda, which was to try out Revivir’s Body Scrub + Massage package. Priced at Php 1,000 the package was pretty tempting. I thought to myself, 2 hours of pampering at Php1k? Not bad. Besides, who knows what pleasurable extras I would enjoy within those 2 hours. Hahaha! Well, how did I find my visit? Read on and find out.

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In recent years, there has been a heightened sense of the need for well-being among the general population. Along with this trend, a proliferation of different ways to pamper one’s self, including through massage. Now for gay men, there are different ways to get pampered through massage.


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One evening, I was at Bellini’s, that old but cozy Italian resto in Cubao X. Towards the end of a wonderful pasta dinner, one of two friends quipped – “I think I want to go for a massage after this.”

The other one says him too, and the next thing I knew, the duo is wailing for me to go with them. “But I only go to this place in QC,” I replied.


I called the manager, asked if I can bring along the two chaps and if they can be given discounts too. In no time, we were on our way.

The first chap got Yael. The other had Aldrin. And I had Allen.

* * *

Bayleaf Spa is my home spa. I love it there because the massage is real – not a sorry excuse for some hanky panky; they really do good massage, at least those masseurs I get ha. I always get their SigMa – short for Signature Massage, because while being a real, good legit massage, it does contain some titillating moves, just enough for you to come back for more.

* * *

The evening ended with the 3 of us with ear-to-ear smiles. One of the 2 chaps came to me after, saying – now I know why you come only here.

If you happen to try Bayleaf Spa I highly recommend Allen. If he’s not around, ask for the spa manager and tell him Migs recommended you – he knows what to do :)


Bayleaf Spa – Unit E, Marren Building, 1157 Quezon Ave., Quezon City. 09178840488, (02) 6249713


The photo doesn’t do him justice.

I was just at Bayleaf Spa the other day and was surprised that my favorite masseur–the most angelic-looking “bad boy” therapist of Bayleaf–Louie was in the house. So, of course, I got him.  After the 1.5-hour session I can say he is now much better in many aspects of his service, great massage, very courteous, and very mindful of your relaxation and satisfaction.

Here’s another old photo of Louie (tatooed guy, shirtless, third from left) —


The guy has even better body definition now, only thing that did not change is his winsome smile and very maasikaso approach. I shall be back, Louie!

For inquiries  you may text 0917-550-0248.


Dear Migs,

This happened 10 years ago with a good friend of mine. By the way, I’m gay, but very discreet. Nobody would really suspect that I am one, probably because of my height (6’1?) and heavy built. I used to play basketball in highschool (a very good player – a member of the varsity team) and a fratman in college… to cut it short, wala talagang may alam na “closet” guy ako, not even my family and friends.

One Sunday night, we went to a bar to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We were 4 then, all guys. After that, the celebrant asked us if we wanted to go to a massage parlor. Since we were all tipsy and horny (alcohol’s effect), we all agreed. We went to Rolex in Quezon Avenue, a massage venue that offers Thai massage or simply body massage. To cut it short again, I ended up having my cock blown by the masseuse and it was really awesome. I waited for my other friends in the lounge area after, and when I saw all their faces when they went out, it seemed that everyone was satisfied.

The following day, I had a call from one of my friends I was with the previous night.

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