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The male sensual massage demo happening on Saturday, July 30, 2016, will be provided by masseurs from Hoja de Laurel Spa. Masseurs doing the demo will be Brian (super galing), Hiro, Yael, Angelo, Yuri, and Kean (my favorite).

Door fee at P300 – register here:


It’s back! Make your sexy time pulsatingly fun and luciously varied! Spice it up with surprise hip-lifting hokage moves, pick a new trick or two — learn the art of sensual massage. Presenting this much-anticipated special learning session, with live demonstrations from the masseurs of Hoja De Laurel. Door fee at P300. Saturday, July 30, 7PM at LoveYourself Anglo.

Limited slots available, register now at


Happening This Saturday – May 7, 2016. Register at

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Make your sexy time pulsatingly fun and luciously varied! Spice it up with surprise hip-lifting hokage moves, pick a new trick or two — learn the art of sensual massage. Presenting this much-awaited special learning session, with live demonstrations from the masseurs of Hoja De Laurel. Door fee at P300. Saturday, May 7, at 8 PM. LoveYourself Uni. Very limited slots available, register now at

I moved recently, from Manila to Mandaluyong. My house before was a quick ride away from Bayleaf Spa, so whenever I felt like I needed a backrub or a thorough body scrub, it was very convenient for me to enjoy Bayleaf’s services. Not anymore though, since I moved to my new place.

Driving time would easily be more than an hour given the horrendous traffic in the metro. But I can’t just switch spas, right? I mean, I love Bayleaf’s manager — he’s the most accommodating spa manager I’ve ever dealt with. And the culture among Bayleaf’s boys is still unparalleled, in my opinion. They have varying massage skills, yes, but all of them consistently treat me with a lot of respect and tender, loving care. Very maasikaso, all of them, no exceptions. Plus the boys themselves — haha! — what a delicious mix. 

You like the nice, goody goody, boy next door type? Ask for Zander. (Tip: the guy is pogi and meek. Body type is more like John Lloyd, with some baby fats on the side but that’s what we like among our huggable cute boys, right?) At the other end of the spectrum naman, for those who like the more, uhrm, bad boy vibe, an approach where you feel like being kind of dominated, look no further than this guy Allen. No leathers and whips, but the overall effect is pretty spot on. If you like other flavors, good/bad boy in-betweens, like tall guy Yael, and the most senior masseur in their stable, the formidable and sensual massage guru Ronnie.

So yeah, it’s difficult to part ways with Bayleaf, but I had to do it. I texted the manager:

“Stan, medyo dadalang na ang pagbisita ko sa Bayleaf ha. Lilipat na ako ng Mandaluyong eh.”

Stan quickly reverted: “Sir hindi puwede yan. Papa-home service kita. Kelan mo gusto?”

Home service? Parang nakakatakot. That was my initial thought. Kasi di ba, you’ll be giving the spa your residential address. And all those stories that go around about this and that guy who was found dead… Ngiii, nakakapraning lang. Pero naisip ko naman, kung magpapa-home service ako, doon na sa puwede kong i-trust. Good idea naman noh?

So there. Decided na that one of these days, will call for home service. Only remaining problem: sino sa kanila? Haha! Allen? Zander? Ronnie? Or Yael? Or maybe I will just tell the spa manager– surprise me. Hahaha!

Bayleaf Spa provides their signature massage for men via home service anywhere within Metro Manila. For inquiries, text or call the manager at 0917-911-7821. Tell him that Migs referred you, baka he can give you pa tips on how to best enjoy your home service :) 

Thanks to the boys of Bay Leaf Spa for providing a titillating and super-daring sensual massage demo at the Love Yourself Hub last Sunday! Everyone was dumbfounded with the demo!

The 3 cutest guys in the pic above are Joko, Louie, and Ivan. Hihihi.

For home/hotel service, call 09179117821.

UP NEXT at the Love Yourself Hub (Malate, Manila): “Massage for Pleasure” — learn the art of sensual massage, featuring live massage demonstration by masseurs of Bay Leaf Spa. Sunday, July 29, 2012, 6 PM, donation of P200 will be used for the upkeep of the venue and in support of the Love Yourself Project.

For priority slots, register at

I’ve always wondered why it feels so good to be massaged by another man.

Is there some quick and rational explanation for this?

Perhaps it’s because that touch means more than just relaxation for my tired muscles — maybe it signifies some relief from the stress of hiding who I really am?

When I strip and lie down on the massage bed, does it not signify my willingness — no, my fervent desire — to be just one naked truth? While there, don’t I really feel that hunger for validation? That I am indeed here, and more importantly, worthy to be here?

When I moan in ecstasy for every touch of my male masseur, is it really about the sensual pleasure? Or perhaps, it is more about the joy of allowing myself to be held, abandoning for even just that moment, my carapace of toughness, exposing in effect my vulnerability, and therefore my sensitivity?

When, after the deed, as the masseur finishes off with a slight bow of gratitude, I smile a secret but infinite smile, does it not really come from that deep satisfaction of opening myself up to the truth most choose not to have the honor to experience, because they are afraid, locked up, and denying the very core of who they really are?

I suspended the previous thread on this same topic due to conversations that have gone unruly and out of control. I wanna try bringing it back and see if people would share instead of bicker around. Let’s try this out. Any recommended places for massage in Metro Manila? Suggested therapists?


One December evening, I went to Revivir Spa, a quaint little massage place tucked in one of the narrow alleys perpendicular to Tomas Morato in Quezon City. I was there once before, I even wrote about it here although did not mention it was in Revivir. (That Star Masseur has since moved on from that place; last I heard, he’s busy managing his barbecue joint somewhere in the cool hillsides of Antipolo.) That December night, I had an agenda, which was to try out Revivir’s Body Scrub + Massage package. Priced at Php 1,000 the package was pretty tempting. I thought to myself, 2 hours of pampering at Php1k? Not bad. Besides, who knows what pleasurable extras I would enjoy within those 2 hours. Hahaha! Well, how did I find my visit? Read on and find out.

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